What makes Matt Saunders Photography different?

We’re friendly! We really enjoy shooting events and it shows. We are there to help the guests have a great, fun evening.
Guests are able to view their images before committing to purchasing
Instant viewing on a large LCD screen with an advanced wireless camera system, ensuring no cables pose a hazard
We can use a huge greenscreen backdrop and provide whatever digital backdrop desired
Company logos can be overlaid with superimposed text or even a custom company logos digital background
We use flattering lighting and can have beauty preset applied to every image automatically
Professional studio lighting is used when space permits. Ideally this is a space of around 4m x 4m, but we have various lighting set ups that let us cram into the smallest corner if we have to
Pay up front events available starting at £300 which include a large number of prints for free
We can attend for free and don’t stop taking photographs until your guests are happy (Subject to a minimum £300 sales – which would be just 30 guests purchasing a print, which is rarely not met)
Efficient professional photographers, ensuring no one has to wait in a queue
Choice of backdrops including a white 4m wide so we can accommodate large groups with plenty of fun props to go around everyone
Most guests enjoy a sensible shot and also a fun one, with a chest full of dressing up props
Photos can be used for websites, commercial literature, websites or as gifts
Event planner receives a USB stick loaded with a selection of free digital images for personal and promotional use
Event can be promoted on Facebook and other social media sites
Room photography at no extra cost
Online, password protected gallery within a few days of your event
Contact us today to receive some samples from previous events so you can appreciate the quality that we produce on the night in just a few seconds

We cover a large variety of events including:

Proms, Balls, Birthday Parties, Cambridge May Balls, Corporate Awards Ceremonies and Events, Graduation Ceremonies, Charity Events, Weddings, Private Parties, Christmas Parties, Hotel Events, Masonic Lady’s Nights, Bar Mitzvahs,, Hen Parties, Celebration Parties, Photo Booths, Garden Parties, and many more. We can also tailor and customise the package and use different backdrops for each client. Prints can be supplied in a variety of ways including a 9” x 6” print in a choice of attractive mounts or a 6” x 4” postcard style print with custom layouts and text etc.

Charity Events

With charity events, we like to give the charity something back at the end of the night, so as long as we meet our £250 minimum, we give the charity 10% of what we have made.

Where do we cover?

We regularly cover events in Cambridge, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Leeds, Gloucester, Essex, Bedford, Northampton, Leicester, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Oxford and various other locations and will hapily travel anywhere within the UK and even abroad if required to.


Contact us as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment. We do still have some limited 2018 availability.